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Mr. Biggs
We miss you Mr. Biggs

For many years Mr. Biggs, our beloved yellow Labrador retriever was the official greeter at the inn.  Unfortunately, we lost him in July 2009 to cancer.  Our grief was tremendous, and we never thought we could get another dog.  After many months of nagging, I was persuasive in convincing Dallas it was time to get another dog.  But what kind should we get?  Something smaller, for sure.  Mr. Biggs was 110 lbs at his heaviest.

Our nephew Dan came over after the blizzard in February to help shovel snow.  He said his old neighbors had a litter of ten labs, five black and five yellow.  The five black labs had sold and the yellows were about 11 ½ weeks old and ready to go, too.  So, we loaded up our daughter, Elizabeth and grandson Charlie in the pickup truck and took a ride to Sinking Spring, PA.  We had given daughter Alyson the address, so she, hubby Ryan and our Granddaughter Sam headed over, too.

All of us were met by Melissa, her husband Dave, and Julius, the 125 lb. black lab father of the puppies.  What a beautiful dog!  Out came the puppies, running all around!  Charlie was in heaven!  Samantha was a bit frightened with all of the commotion.  The puppies were all so different.  From the shade colors of their coats, to their dispositions, it was very amazing.  We picked out two of the darker males, and sent the other three back to their Mom, who by the way was a hyper, young yellow lab.

QuinceyI held one of the puppies, and he was so affectionate and docile.  Dallas took him outside to let him run around a bit. He had never been outside since he was born.  He was very inquisitive. Snow!  What is this?  He was so cute!  Of course, we decided to take this pup!  Now, we were all thinking of names on the way home.  Alyson & Ryan stopped to buy him a collar, toys and food.  Elizabeth ran out to get puppy shampoo, gigi bones, a hair brush and more toys!

We narrowed the name choices down to winter Olympian’s names, former president’s names and old western names.  In the top running were:  Apollo, Bode, Quincy, Harry, Tex, Duke and Josey.  In the end, Pam’s choice won out, Quincy.

Quincy's All Grown Up

So, Please meet Quincy, the newest B.F. Hiestand House Greeter!  He is slowly winning the hearts of our new guests and old guests alike!  In fact, a repeat guest loved him so much, he went and bought Quincy’s brother, and named him Jackson.  A new guest just called Quincy on Saturday and offered to dog sit for us anytime we needed!


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