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Historic Attractions Around Lancaster County

National Watch & Clock Museum

One of the only museums in the country solely dedicated to horology (the science, history, and art of timekeeping) is located in Columbia, PA. Explore the fascinating collection of 12,000 clocks and watches and discover the many exhibits that detail timepieces both ancient and modern.

(717)684-8261 (Option 3)
Distance: 2.8 Miles
Wright’s Ferry Mansion

Built in 1738, this historic 2.5 story limestone building reflects English and Germanic architectural elements as well as the sophisticated taste of its original owner, Susanna Wright.

Distance: 3.2 Miles

Home of 15th President James Buchanan, the beautiful Federal style estate on the National Register of Historic Places offers an untouched look into the Victorian era. Walk the historic halls and admire antique furniture and decor original to the home. Wheatland is open to the public Monday-Saturday from mid-January through mid-November, with tours available hourly.

(717) 392-4633
Distance: 13.5 Miles
Factory Tours of York

With the most factory tours on the planet, York, PA is the place to go for a behind-the-scenes look into the making of some of your favorite national and global brands.

Distance: 16 Miles
Cornwall Iron Furnace

This National Historic Landmark was one of George Washington’s major arms producers during the Revolutionary War and in operation from 1742 to 1883 and gave rise to the state’s first millionaire.

Distance: 19.5 Miles
Ephrata Cloister

One of America's earliest religious communities, the Ephrata Cloister was founded in 1732 by German settlers seeking spiritual goals rather than earthly rewards. Discover how this different and simpler way of life prepared its devout and disciplined followers for a heavenly existence through diligence, craftsmanship, and charity.

Distance: 26 Miles
National Civil War Museum

The only museum in the United States solely dedicated to the Civil War and the unbiased perspectives of both the North and the South can be found in Pennsylvania’s capital city, Harrisburg. The Smithsonian-affiliated museum boasts thousands of artifacts and documents from the period between 1850-1876.

(717) 260-1861
Distance: 28.9 Miles